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 Jost Van Den Broek

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PostSubject: Jost Van Den Broek   Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:29 pm

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Joost van den Broek (also known as Juicy or Juiced, born July 13, 1982) was a keyboardist in the metal band After Forever.

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On the album After Forever, Joost had the opportunity to collaborate on the composition and production of the album alongside other band members. Van den Broek will appear on the Sinbreed album When Worlds Collide.

Equipment :

Clavia Nordlead 3
Korg Triton
Yamaha P-90 and P-80 Stage piano
Roland AX-1 and AX-7 Keytars
Roland Juno Alfa 2
Yamaha A-4000 Sampler
Roland sustain and expression pedals
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Jost Van Den Broek
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