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 Hello I'm JessEpica , The moderator

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PostSubject: Hello I'm JessEpica , The moderator    Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:31 pm

My name is Jessica, I like Jess or Jessy. I'm a big fan of Metal Female.
In particular Epica Epica Smile and Revamp especially so as
I said is my favorite band EPICA
I revere the point to have too many photos of the band on my pc (which I sort because if not I double) and in addition Photos also on USB key (as I already said it's actually the "bazaars" lol)
in short as you can see I am a big fan. but let's talk a bit more than me.
I am the sign Virgo and super maniac with my business.
I am student teaching in Brussels (Belgium) I'm brown (dyed red top ... long (and not a cause of epica))
I have blue eyes and I'm pretty thin. I turned 19 on Sept. 3.
I'm a singer in my group and I also play the piano (7 years)
I took singing lessons and lyric opera. but I had to stop because all of my classes ...
I manage a blog on my own blog and epica more myspace my band and my family.
I often concerts and festivals or my favorite bands play.
I have more easily seen news of the band Epica that I am a long time (early).
at the end I think they know my head! lol and my favorite country is the Netherlands !
Either I answered all your questions if they are logical and not stupid lol!

Kisses and Love,

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PostSubject: Re: Hello I'm JessEpica , The moderator    Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:34 pm

Welcome Here Jess !! Very Happy
thanls for all !! I love you
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Hello I'm JessEpica , The moderator
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